Printing the gears with Makerbot 2

I just wanted to bring up an issue I’ve found while printing the gears with a Makerbot 2.

My first attempt at printing the axis gear v2 failed. The Makerbot didn’t print the raft correctly, and I thought that maybe its a software glitch or the STL file was corrupt or something like that.

It turns out that each cog extends ever so slightly above the edge face of the gear body. This means that rather than the Makerbot software creating a raft across the whole build piece, it just builds one under the circumference of the outside of the cog, and would then need to build supports for the whole cog!
I’ve looked at the STL file closely, and the amount that extends is tiny - probably 1 layer of printing - but its enough to mess up the print.
Is anyone able to edit the CAD files so that either the faces of the gears are extended to the edge of the cog, or the cog trimmed flush with the edge of the gear?
I’d upload a picture, but noobs aren’t allowed to upload :wink:

In the meantime, I’ll keep printing the rest of the pieces!

Hey @ssshock . We did not encounter any problems with various versions of slic3r we used to create gcode from those STLs :confused: I will take a look today using Makerware to check the issue :smile:

ps. I just granted you normal user permissions. Welcome!

Here’s a screenshot from AutoCad inventor showing a close-up of the edge of the gear:

I’ve just started re-printing it with a raft AND supports. It’s started off ok this time, so we’ll see the results in a couple of hours.
In the meantime, here’s the results with the Makerbot Replicator 2 and the worm gear:

Is this ABS or PLA? If it is ABS, we would recommend experimenting with acetone smoothing (let me know if you need details on that). They look pretty decent btw!

PLA only for the Makerbot Replicator 2 !
The top edge is pretty smooth. The bottom isn’t so smooth, but I’ll see how it meshes with the gear if it prints ok!

We’re having some corner and edge curling issues with the other parts, so we’re experimenting with ways to reduce it. At least the top edge is pretty flat. and only one of the sides needs to be flat ( for the stepper mounts etc.!

Sorry to hear that. Can you try with a bit of brim? (so you can chop it later).

Axis gear finished! So using the raft and supports ticked, it printed ok. Was stuck to the raft pretty good, and has a slight bow on the edge thats supposed to be flat… but it looks pretty good

That indeed looks pretty good! Can’t wait to see that assembled :smile:

Hello, your print look nice! If you haven’t print the axis side part so far, go at the github repo and grab the updated part.check this post

Could you share the exact settings you used? I’m trying to print the parts using a Makerbot Replicator 2 but fail for the gears for now :smile:

How did the worm gear work out for you?

I’ll have to check the settings, but I think that it was the default fine settings with a small change in the fill: .1mm layer height, 15% fill, and 2 outer layers.

The worm gear came out pretty good I thnk. The bottom edge wasn’t as smooth as the top edge. I’ll dig a picture out when I’m near my computer again.

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Protip: Upgrade your MakerWare Software. I was using an ancient version 2.something and the slicing of the axis gear was completely off (the teeth actually weren’t connected to the main wheel). Now using 3.6 it seems to print just fine.

Next off will be the worm gear, although I highly doubt I will be able to print that using the Replicator 2.

Does your printed worm/axis gear combination work fine?

Turned out pretty great although I only checked the raft option and ran into the same problem as the OP. Next up: worm gear fingers crossed

…Aaand done. They didn’t turn out perfect but hopefully not unusable, too. Some filing was needed.