PCB killed, time for a new one.....but before I do

Ive built a V3 rotator but killed off the PCB today. I think it was an older variety as the KiCAD version on git seems to have been updated. The problem I am having is mounting the thing sensibly in a box with the RPi and a RTL and a duplexer. The box is getting congested.

A couple fo questions

  1. Has the PCB changed significantly? mine seemed to work fine as was for stepper motor
  2. Has there been any thought about having a RPi Hat to reduce the connections, cables and clutter?

Perhaps worth a second post but…I have also got the TCST2103 Photo-interrupter in use, well I say in use, it lights up but doesn’t appear to be doing any kind of stopping or limiting. Has there been any significant changes that mean the old PCB is using the wrong pins etc (i’m too lazy to look at the arduino code ;-))


Alex, g7kse