Open Source Software

There is a saying that for every proprietary software, there are five open source alternatives out there (*). …Ok, maybe there is not such a saying, but nowadays you really do not need to rely on closed source tools for your developments anymore. And you should not! Because only by using FOSS tools we can ensure that really everyone can reproduce your open source designs.

Here is a list in a wiki we maintain at LibreCube:

Be invited to post you suggestions here in this forum. Are there any FOSS tools you highly recommend for specific tasks? Are there areas where FOSS tools are missing (yet)?

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Here’s a list of generic software we’re using in our project:

Office and Tools

  • LaTeX
  • Overleaf — An online LaTeX editor

Project Management and Collaboration

  • OpenProject — Project management software with issue tracking, kanban-style boards and various other project management utilities
  • Mattermost— Open source Slack clone

System Engineering

  • CDP4 — Engineering data management. Unfortunately currently available for Windows only.

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We use GMAT (General Mission Analysis Tool) in order to complete the mission analysis.


For ADCS simulation:


Just a quick note: The “NASA Open Source Agreement” is one of the few (only?) licenses that is OSI approved, but not FSF approved.