OMOTENASHI - Japanese 6U moon lander + orbiter

I don’t think this cubesat has been discussed. The orbiter and the surface probe will send telemetry on amateur radio frequencies (437.31MHz and 437.41MHz). Free space path loss is large, almost 200dB. My quick calculations indicate that a parabolic antenna with a diameter of roughly 1.5m/5ft should be able to receive the telemetry.

Manual pointing would be pretty easy, just aim it for the moon :slight_smile:

I guess the observations would be pretty long.

It will ride on the very first Artemis SLS launch, which will be quite exciting.


Projects – SatNOGS mentions that a parabolic antenna design is in the works. Maybe this satellite is a good reason to interest some beta testers?

Hmm, based on the link budget they described on their page, they were assuming a receiver antenna gain of 31 dBi, which is more like a 20m diameter dish, and that only gave 5dB link margin.

Yes. Sorry, I calculated based on the surface probe which has about 10dB better margin (due to more directed tx antenna).