Okay to come out of testing mode? If so now what?

After 500 passes, I feel its time to take the station #702 out of testing mode… A few new user questions…

  1. How do I know if its Okay to take the station out of testing mode?
    I can see most transmitters, but some are pretty weak. Because I can see most of them in one form or another, does that mean its Okay to come out of testing mode?
  2. Now what? How do I know my data is useful to the cause?

Thanks for your input in helping a new user.

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I’m not sure if we have any specific rules for this; it is usually left to the user when they are happy with how the station operates.

If you’re producing decoded data then the station is certainly useful. Even without decoded data your observations are useful if you are in a location not covered by other stations.


@thebaldgeek: checking your observations and settings I would suggest to up the RF gain a bit more and try to see if you get better decoding on satellites like FALCONSAT 3, BUGSAT-1 or ELFIN-1.

Ah, this is very very very helpful. Naming transmitters that I need to focus on for the system. Thanks for the time to look at my observations.
Just one question… How do I know when I get ‘better decoding’. The data will show up at the same time as the waterfall?

You may also get more data then you are not. (Like more entries under the data tab.)