Observation 99849: SATHYABAMASAT (41600)

Regarding Observation 99849

Hi. Is this a legit signal in the FFT? At 100?

Thank you.

Hi all.

I just saw: It was no satellite signal.

Still, that observation should be marked as bad and not as failed.

Failed means that the station did not return any results, i.e. neither audio not waterfall. Bad means that the station did return audio and/or waterfall but no signal was received.


Hey Alexadru.

Yes. That’s right. I rated the wrong way. I’m still testing. Thank you for the link.

The bigger problem is: It seems that I could get one signal only. https://network.satnogs.org/observations/99839/

I have to investigate what’s wrong with my setup.

On some of the observations it looks like there is very strong interference from something. You could try an interactive SDR application first, using the same SDR dongle, to see what’s happening and also to find the optimal gain setting.

Yup. I have/had big problems with interferences. I used a preamp that has too much gain. Even if I set gain of RTLSDR to zero. I kicked the preamp right now. Now I’m testting a 2m groundplane antenna /wout preamp and how much RF gain I have to set in RTLSDR. I turn back to QFH maybe…

Just have to find the right setup for 2m band.