Observation 87282: TRITON-1 (39427)


I can’t see any CW signal. I see a lot of APRS from ISS(?).

73 de DE8MSH

You are right, there is no CW signal, it was vetted wrong as good observation. I have brought this into the attention of observation team and it will be fixed soon.

The other signal is not a satellite, it is terrestrial transmission. You can say that from the curve that is drawn. More details can be found in the wiki with sample waterfalls that show each case we have met until now.

Thanks for let us know about it! :slight_smile:

PS APRS of ISS is not working for the last months as the equipment has some issues. My understanding (maybe wrong), from reading amsat mailing list, is that there will be a replacement of the equipment in the future. So until then no APRS from ISS. :frowning: