Observation 869882: ISS (25544)

Regarding Observation 869882

perfect timed 88deg pass overhead ISS SSTV


For an 88 degree pass, something is definitely still wrong with the VHF radio. That image should be perfect. Looks like almost all the power is going into the carrier…


What tools did you use to decode this?
Could you share the settings, as I’ve tried to decode this observation with qsstv and didn’t manage to get anything.


Did you convert to 48000 16bit signed wav? QSSTV is really picky. If not, give that a try.


Used the raw IQ (available if wanted) - converted to floating point, demod in gqrx and audio loopback (digital) to qsstv. Listened with a Kenwood at the same time and had to turn volume way up, like their last series low modulation.

Ah, I followed the wiki instructions, which I think is only ‘rate 48000’.
Will try the 16 but conversation too.

The modulation level seems to have been fixed - from 879967