Observation 835032: XW-2B (40911)

Regarding Observation 835032

After all the previous observations failed with a more or less blank waterfall, this time it seems that there is something like a signal.
Can somebody just check this?
I switched to a V-Dipole for 137 MHz as an antenna, but it is still inside the house even if close to the roof. I also set the RF GAIN to 25 because it looked that this parameter was not set or I forgot to apply the config after I set it during the initial setup.


Hi Mario,

Yes, that’s XW-2B. Nice work.

Compare against this observation, which covers the same time frame: https://network.satnogs.org/observations/834679/

If there is no set value on RF Gain, then the default value is used. As @cgbsat said this is indeed XW-2B, with its strong signal.

I suggest you try different gains and choose the one that have the best results. Just have in mind if you use rtlsdr then there are specific gains to use for RF_GAIN parameter.

Yes, I played around with the gain a little today. I definitely have to put the antenna outside. But with putting gain to the maximum I was able to catch something in
at 100 seconds you can slightly hear the dits and dahs.

There is a lot of room for improvements, but it’s a beginning.

Thanks for checking.

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