Observation 828746: PRISM (33493)


Regarding Observation 828746

all my observations in the last few weeks show no signals, except 768563 which showed a weak signal. I am using a 466 MHz cross dipole mounted on a flat roof with good all round visibility to the horizon.

I suspect there might be a problem with the 5m cable connecting the antenna to the SDR USB Donge, but am unsure as one observation does appear to have received a weak signal.

any help / ideas would be appreciated


Since the time is so short, and the signal is 0, it’s likely that either the sdr isn’t working (for rtl_sdr rtl_test should be able to test that). Or some other issue preventing it from saving data - in my case /tmp/.satnogs had run out of space.


I run cheap low loss TV/satellite 75 OHM RG6 coax for receiving with my ground stations which works very well. See ID 568 & 724. I use home made QFH antenna with preamp. 75 Ohm feed line is not a problem for RX
73 Bob vk2byf


thanks, will check the sdr this evening.


ok, then at least the chance of it being the problem are low. however, I never underestimate the capacity of simple causes of “unexplainable” problems. you know where I am coming from…


so, nooelec smart sdr seems to be dead. rtl_test says no device, and lsusb also shows no realtec devices. grrrrrr.