Observation 828746: PRISM (33493)

Regarding Observation 828746

all my observations in the last few weeks show no signals, except 768563 which showed a weak signal. I am using a 466 MHz cross dipole mounted on a flat roof with good all round visibility to the horizon.

I suspect there might be a problem with the 5m cable connecting the antenna to the SDR USB Donge, but am unsure as one observation does appear to have received a weak signal.

any help / ideas would be appreciated

Since the time is so short, and the signal is 0, it’s likely that either the sdr isn’t working (for rtl_sdr rtl_test should be able to test that). Or some other issue preventing it from saving data - in my case /tmp/.satnogs had run out of space.

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I run cheap low loss TV/satellite 75 OHM RG6 coax for receiving with my ground stations which works very well. See ID 568 & 724. I use home made QFH antenna with preamp. 75 Ohm feed line is not a problem for RX
73 Bob vk2byf

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thanks, will check the sdr this evening.

ok, then at least the chance of it being the problem are low. however, I never underestimate the capacity of simple causes of “unexplainable” problems. you know where I am coming from…

so, nooelec smart sdr seems to be dead. rtl_test says no device, and lsusb also shows no realtec devices. grrrrrr.

update: nooelec smartsdr was ok, but I replaced it anyway. monitored journalctl during an observation, it complained about not being able to open port 4533, I sudo’ed SatNOGS-setup, disabled the rotor (had never enabled it), apply’ed and… satnogsclient still complains about not being able to open port 4533. now it’s getting weird.

also tried a reboot. satnogsclient still complains about port 4533

That’s normal. Just ignore it.

ok, good to know. now my waterfall plots are showing up again, but are empty. back to the drawing board on the cable / antenna mount / ground /who knows what.