Observation 775276: NepaliSat-1 (44329)

Regarding Observation 775276
How can a CW signal look like that ?
it must be different sats, true ?

#43 back in business after adding a fan to the wifi repeater

Yeah. But they would have to be sats in close by orbits I would think. Consider how little doppler is on them.

There were 3 essentially identical sats launched at the same time, all transmitting similar CW signals.

The transmissions were meant to be time-separated, but it doesn’t look like that’s working so well!

Oh great I remember about it !!
They are so “at the same time” that I didn’t noticed.
thank you :slight_smile:

Oh yeah. The Bird3 (?) sats!

Exactly, check more about them at https://birds3.birds-project.com