Observation 752870: MAYA-1 (43590)

Regarding Observation 752870 …Are any of these horizontal bars signal? There is a more defined one shortly before 100 seconds. I’m using Observation 750512 as a reference and looking for some guidance on how to read these.

It’s really hard to locate a decent examples of the Maya/Bhutan/Uitmsat cluster (because they are very weak). But here’s the best I could find:


Note that there are multiple satellites in this example (not just Maya there, this was early in the life of these three digi sats, and thus there was a lot of overlap back then - not sure if the if the other signals are Bhutan or Uitmsat or both).


Thanks @K3RLD that’s a better reference and it doesn’t look like I have a good observation…although it doesn’t look like the second observation I referenced is good either (although it is marked good). If that should be a second conversation, please let me know…I’m just trying to learn and better understand :slight_smile:

Or is it the horizontal line that is less than the width at ~310 seconds that is signal?

In that second observation, I think there are 3 little dots in the center of the waterfall from about 190s to 275.

I believe those are the packets that were used to vet as “good”. A lot of these observations that are marked “good” are done with a lot of prior knowledge of what the signal should look like, and how it manifests on the waterfall when very weak. I think that I probably would agree with the “good” vet on that one - but it certainly would take some experience with the satellite to know for sure.

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Got it, I see the dots and that’s similar to where the strongest part of the signal is on stronger observations. Thanks!

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