Observation 750324: CAS-4A (42761)

Regarding Observation 750324 … New setup and this may be my first good observation, was hoping to get a second opinion. There looks to be some signal ending a little after 200 seconds, vertical lines as opposed to the noise curves. Am I on the right track?

I believe you are correct. I think that the telemetry from the same sat is also visible on the left side of the waterfall (although I guess that shouldn’t play into the vetting of the CW observation).



You are both right! Indeed this signal at the middle is the CW of CAS-4A and the other one at -15KHz is from CAS-4A too.

By the way… @jDkelly Welcome to SatNOGS! :slight_smile:


Thank you @fredy, and thank you both for your feedback!

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