Observation 747508: MySat-1 (44045) Is MySat-1 Dead?

Regarding Observation 747508

Is MySat-1 dead? It looks like the telemetry data stops on 6/1/2019. The last few observations I’ve looked at don’t appear to have anything in the waterfall that resembles it’s historic waterfalls. I haven’t seen any twitter or other news updates regarding it’s status. Hopefully it is just sleeping.

Indeed the last good one is back on 2019-06-01. So probably stopped transmitting.

It looks like that there are some frames a little later in satnogs db, you can check them in MySat-1 dashboard.

From the last frame it doesn’t look like that something went wrong, however I’ll wait news from the team which knows better the satellite behavior.

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I did notice that on 5/29 there was an elevated gyro rate. I’m not sure exactly which axis that is referring to, but I might presume it is spin rate? It seemed to normalize within a few days.