Observation 707114: MAX VALIER SAT (42778)


Regarding Observation 707114

I finally had confidence in my observations and came out of testing.

Dimitris is the first to schedule an observation from the community so thanks for that.

My results in testing were, to be honest, a little disappointing. That said I am using the very basics. A slim-jim made from 300 Ohm ladder line isn’t really the best. Plus I have hung said ‘aerial’ on the trellis on the side of the bungalow.

The addition of a 25dB pre-amp and boosing the RF Gain in settings has helped tremendously.

Well and truly bitten by the bug and if the boss allows it I will be improving the aerial!!


I used to build proper Slim Jim antennas in my younger days. The property we liked the most is that the main lobe is at the horizon, Zero degrees which made it a great performer for terrestrial work but lousy for satellite work. Even a simple horizontal dipole will outperform a Slim Jim for satellites.
Regards Bob vk2byf


Try it horizontally.


Thanks Bob. I will give horizontal a try…