Observation 666647: CAS-4B (42759)


Regarding Observation 666647

Looks like some kind of alien interference…

Shout out to my favorite oss project, uplinked from EM98di - tried to be a legal as possible about 4KHz bw, includes a cw id.


It looks as though you stomped right over an existing QSO.


Correct - will have a downlink monitor when I use a mic to do normal qsos - have to finish the rotator first.
Earlier complains on amsat-bb were that cas-4a,b were going unused :slight_smile:


You weren’t monitoring the downlink?! Is that not illegal, as it would be considered “broadcasting”? Unused or not, please don’t uplink to any satellite transponders if you are not actively tuning the downlink as well.


That will never happen again. Thanks.