Observation 664370: FALCONSAT 3 (30776)

Regarding Observation 664370

This is a new one for me. Any ideas why my GS produced this result? The FS3 passes before and after this one look normal.


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Seems like a CPU issue on your client. Are you running it on a RPi3? Anything else running in parallel?

Dedicated to the groundstation, nothing running other than the standard satnogs client. It’s an RPi3B.

That’s odd then. What is the RPi3 uptime ? Try rebooting the RPi3 and look out for any similar observations, and please post them here so we can help debug this.

I would check the power supply and maybe the temperature.

Uptime is 65 days. Just rebooted.

This RPi is in my garage. While it can get pretty hot in there during the summer, I doubt it’s been much higher than 24 or 25 C this year.