Observation 5097417: METOP-A (29499)

Regarding Observation 5097417
I marked it good but I’m not sure. Why are there bursts off to the side? I do have some powerful burst interference here in Lexington MA that seem to be centered at 433.9 and 432.8 MHz when viewed with gqrx 2.12. Maybe one of these is an image. My receiver is rtl_sdr on RPi 2B+ with a
fixed turnstile aimed at zenith. So why is METOP-A bursting off to the side?


Good pass : Regarding Observation 4920436
For moment METOP-A not transmit.

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It is mostly likely from another satellite with a similar orbital track as METOP-A but at a lower frequency.

On another note, would you be willing to extend your antenna’s UHF frequency to 400-470 MHz? It’s currently set to 430-470 Mhz. That would open up the possibility observations at your station for a bunch of satellites in the 400 - 402 MHz range.

More info this thread for more info.