Observation 491652: ISS (25544)

Regarding Observation 491652
Not sure if this is a good capture or not. There is an odd looking set of data offset from the iss signal

AFSK1200: fm IK1COA-1 to T4RQU6-0 via RS0ISS-0,APRSAT-0 UIv pid=F0
‘)Gl .-/]73 DE IK1COA=
AFSK1200: fm EA6WQ-6 to APRS-0 via RS0ISS-0 UI^ pid=F0
Software: UISS 5.4.1
AFSK1200: fm EI7BFB-0 to CQ-0 via RS0ISS-0 UI pid=F0
=5323.45N/00617.30W`EMAIL EI7BFB1@EIRCOM.NET, 73’ Via Satellite {UISS54}

but still confused by the extra signal

This is a mix of ISS signal and a terrestrial one(s). As ISS signal is visible in waterfall you have marked this correctly as good.

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