Observation 472252: KickSat-2 (99986)

Regarding Observation 472252

@zacmanchester - does this look like the frequency shift of Kicksat? This is the first obs with the latest TLE’s.

Unfortunately I don’t think that’s us. Our beacon is once per minute and the packets are about 1.7 seconds long. We’ve heard it on several passes so far but its been too weak to decode.

So is it 10khz shift FSK? Will the antenna automatically release or do you need to command it?

It’s 1200 bps FSK with a deviation of +/- 600 Hz (1200 Hz between mark and space frequencies). The antenna on the satellite is a V-dipole made from the standard steel tape measure that should have been released 45 minutes after deployment from the Cygnus.

This is the latest obs with new TLEs. https://network.satnogs.org/observations/472621/

It’s not once per minute though…