Observation 456074: NOAA 15 (25338)

Regarding Observation 456074

Old subject I believe.
If using the same setup but in SDR# I get perfect clear images and the signal is very strong.
I tried moving the RF gain and so far improved a bit but clearly not enough. It’s set around 30 for now and I fear any further will overload it.
The only difference is the RTL AGC option in SDR#, which I know SatNOGS doesn’t support for now.

Couldn’t there also be difference in the satellite elevation during the pass? This one is rather low with max ele 16 degrees.

I’ve taken clear shots on low 10 degree and lower elevation passes. I believe the AGC makes a difference, than can be compensated setting ng a static gain, but the bandwidth plays a role. If one could narrow the bandwidth to only where the signal is the picture will become clearer, as wide adds extra noise.