Observation 4418585: ISS (25544)

Regarding Observation 4418585

  1. is this a valid signal from the ICARUS Animal-Tracker Experiment ?
  2. is there a ways to filter observations on the network after a specific transmitter to make it easier to get references material?
  1. It seemed to me initially that the signal in your observation appeared to be drifting and may be of terrestrial origin. Then I checked and found an observation that I had vetted as Good from my ground station


The signal I observed appears to be very similar to yours but without the drift. So this make me think that yours is also a valid signal – although I can’t explain why yours drifts like that

  1. One way would be to use the API to download observation data via a script and then filter the results based on transmitter and observation status. Similar to what is outline in this thread:


On your observation, station drift with temperature.

On my station : SatNOGS Network - Observation 4420998