Observation 428828: LILACSAT 2 (40908)

Regarding Observation 428828

May be it got terrestrial APRS stations?

Look at the frequency. 144.39. Definately terrestrial, and the decoded packets show that they are from a TX digipeater.

[edit] Looks like another victim of auto-vetting. Is there a way to turn auto-vet off for certain transmitters? This would be a perfect opportunitity, as 144.39 is a pretty terrible frequency to monitor (at least in all of north america :slight_smile: )

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We are not used to this frequency in europe, but I saw it was used in the US.
I was downloading it to pass it to direwolf…


First image on the right.

There were discussions on this, not on transmitters level but on mode level, as the main issue was CW. Unfortunately it is not implemented yet.

However it looks like that CW is not the only mode with this problem and also having several other examples where two satellites with similar mode and freq cross and decoded frames are not from the observed one, I’m wondering if we can use satnogs-decoders to confirm the source of the frames and auto-vet.