Observation 417525: FUNCUBE-1 (39444)

Regarding Observation 417525

Hey Guys,

could you tell me if this was captured right? is some of the left side of the signal cut off when you view the audio image. when I play it back the signal sounds very low frequency and bassy. How would I go about cutting out other frequency responses in the audio to just get the 1k2 bpsk?

I can see that there is at least -1KHz frequency drift observed here. Given how narrow our BPSK filters are there is little you can do now to adjust (paging @surligas for more info). @fredy can we adjust the freq in DB? Or should we wait for the new drift attributes to be used?

BPSK has a filter baseband ±2 times the baudrate, or a user define CFO specified with the --max_cfo parameter.

ahh okay I see the signal is not lining up to 0. Is that from my receiver. for my dongle I use -1ppm. Could that attribute to the problem/. I should have my dongle calibrated properly.


This observation makes me think my receiver is on frequency. I’m not too familair with the drift you guys are talking about. I guess thats a symptom of the TLE or bird?

The drift we are referring to is the observed drift of the oscillator in the satellite (vs the published frequency) which happens on most sats. We monitor observations and fix the transmitter entries in our DB to account for those drifts. You can suggest such an edit yourself directly on db.satnogs.org Cheers!