Observation 408072: FOX-1D (43137)

Regarding Observation 408072

Hi guys,

I was able to take the audio of this observation and convert the ogg file to a wav to use with Foxtelem. This is first time I was able to decode one of these birds thanks to SatNOGS. I used the mac version of Foxtelem, but had a hard time piping the audio into the program, it didnt seem to be able to hear my inputs, anyway not your problem, lol… but I wanted to suggest that maybe you can have a WAV file downloadable in addition to the ogg? This way I wont have to convert?

Thanks for a great system.

Did-it work using “Monitor Audio” button (with proper destination) or “Monitor Filtered audio” check?

No I didnt hear any audio or see a waveform of the signal. It works on my Windows PC’s just not Mac, latest OSX.