Observation 403339: UNISAT-6 (40012)

Regarding Observation 403339 … Hmm space is getting crowded


hmmm looks like a little doppler shift where there shouldn’t be, @jjroux… Assuming the TLE was recent (and it looks to be), are you sure your lat/long/alt settings are correct in the satnogs-client?

Maybe this has to do with the TLE issue we had - see the unusual polar plot.

The other satellite is AAUSAT-4.

The format of the signal (some GMSK and then CW), the frequency and the CW signal in the waveform fit the observations of AAUSAT-4.


More likely it’s only part of a pass. (After another pass that was all ready existing.)

I’m referring to the shift in the FSK9k6 frames from unisat-6… looks to be about a 2.5 kHz shift


My other obs on the station decode and using a 1ppm device. OK not the best of antenna, but still…

Ok I update my lat and long to be more accurate.