Observation 398068: NAYIF-1 (42017)

Regarding Observation 398068
In several passes I notice that the signal goes with an S pattern as the one in the waterfall of this pass. I see that the doppler compensation is in place and I confirm that my Raspberry Pi has both NTP in place and the station coordinates (including altitude) correctly inserted. Nevertheless the signal is not as straight as I should expect.
Is it there something I might not have properly configured or not considering?


Double check if your coordinates are set correctly. From what I can tell both your station page as well as the environment variables use the same coordinates, but if both are wrong they could lead to this.

Thanks a lot!
That’s weird, the coordinates in the station page are correct, although approximated to the 3rd decimal which I guess should not cause such a considerable discrepancy. Nevertheless I updated the coordinates to a higher precision, although I do not expect big improvements.

Unless there were errors of several degrees in the coordinates then it is unlikely that this is the problem.

Looking at the Doppler curves it appears that no Doppler correction appears to have been applied.

Can you confirm that when the satnogs-client is active that there is also a rigctld process active? If so, which port do you use for that?

Ok, looking at the bending of the other interferences/signals along the waterfall I thought that the doppler correction was actually in place. Anyway, the rigctld process is actually up and running on port 4532. Through netstat I can see that the port has a connection established to the satnogs client (/var/lib/satnogs/bin/satnogs-client) and to the actual satnogs decoder (e.g., /var/lib/satnogs/bin/satnogs-client …)

Hmmm… that is odd.

Your best bet is to join the IRC chatroom (see here https://wiki.satnogs.org/Get_In_Touch) as that’ll be easier for trouble shooting.

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I’d like to do some troubleshooting on my own first, as it’ll actually force me to look deeper into the client, so that I can start building and improve my knowledge of it. But of course at some stage I can join the IRC chatroom, as it is anyway a good idea to keep in touch with others.


It looks like there’s indeed something wrong with the doppler-correction - local interferences should more look like an “S” then being “only” bent! From your metadata it seems you’re running a custom build gr-satnogs!?

he’s not using a custom built on. That’s the version number that shows up for gr-satnogs. (At least on my systems that are using the normal one

Oh damn, you’re absolutely right!
Didn’t recognize this yet… :roll_eyes:

Ok, I found out the problem and I must apologize with all those who literally wasted their time about my issue.
The problem was, indeed, that when I setup the client’s configuration I mistakenly swapped the longitude and latitude values. That was then definitely a negligence issue from the undersigned.
Sorry again about this; I really appreciated the cooperation and hope to be able to pay back the favour.


You can - simply join the IRC chat :wink:

Sounds great!
I’ll join you all there.