Observation 383657: METOP-A (29499) waterfall creation


I’ve noticed in the last couple of months an increased failure of the Pi 3+ to create a waterfall on my UHF node, but only on some selected satellites. Audio seems to be consistently created.
Initially I thought it may have been due to overlap, but after a few tests this doesn’t seem to the the case.

It’s been very hot her, so possibly the processing time on the Pi may have been impacted/throttled.

Regarding Observation 383657

Is there something special about this satellite?
It occurs to one or two other, but not all.

Is there a log I should be looking at on the Pi that may provide some info?



This is a known bug for low baud BPSKs. It is fixed on a newer version of gr-satnogs that will be released soon:



Cool, thanks for the update, ill check it out.