Observation 375750: CAS-4B (42759)

Regarding Observation 375750

This should decode. I am able to decode the audio with afsk1200 on a mac.

bj1sl dfh aaa rtr rrv rm6 se ue tiei ie6i rkn rrt urk rvi tvt iaae ttt tit smb tit seni 5ur camsat camsat

Indeed there is clear CW in there. I suspect that the issue is that we have not set a baud rate (CW wpm rate) for this transmitter. Which one was detected/you used?

@surligas that is the issue right?

Yes and no :smiley:

With no WPM rate info, the script uses the default one 22 WPM. Is also another issue that Ι try to fix it at the https://gitlab.com/surligas/gr-satnogs/commits/cw branch.

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Thanks for the reply’s guys. I used the CW beacon option for this which centers the signal for that frequency and you can hear it well so I know I’m tuned correctly and ppm is set right. Hope this info helps the team. I will keep monitoring.