Observation 357395: al-Farabi-2 (99932) vetted wrong. sounds like FSK

Regarding Observation 357395

CW beacon (timecode: 5:20, 8:31, 11:42): AF=C


is the signal modulated CW?

That doesn’t matter for vetting - it is “good” because it is “a signal” from that specific satellite!

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thanks @DL4PD I can not hear a cw signal, only something that sounds like low baud FSK.

Hm, just checked the parts of the observation @YT2CQ mentioned above: I can clearly hear the CW in the audio recording! E.g. at exactly 5:20 it starts.

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Using my headphones I also hear the CW. Cannot hear it through the speakers. Oh well, so much for getting old with hearing loss. Thanks again.