Observation 346316: RSP-00 (99981)

Regarding Observation 346316,
with "TLE used fetched from Celestrak 1 month, 3 weeks ago " I got a clear trace with an odd doppler curve.
So I fired other observation with Satnogs net and I get similar results ( see 346259 / 346238 and abt 10 more currently unvetted, just search with “observer i3vfj” and RSP-000)…
Looking on the sat owner site (http://rymansat.com/en/2018/10/15/operational-status-of-rsp-00/), not so much informative…, they say “We have not received radio waves that are supposedly transmitted for 30 minutes after release, and it is most likely that the satellite is currently out of service” but something it’s there, although obiously TLE are outdated.
Any comment ??
Tnx de i3vfj, victor

That seems to be another sat.

This is CAS-4B.

Unfortunately RSP-00 wasn’t assigned norad id due to its transmission failure.

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Tnx guys, now moving to another object :wink: