Observation 342489: Reaktor Hello World (99900) - Waterfall mods

Regarding Observation 342489

Is there any way to adjust the waterfall after the observation?
E.g. run the waterfall.gp script on the audio?
I think the IQ is gone now right?

73s C

Unfortunately is not adjustable. By default station doesn’t record IQ files as they are to big, however there is an option to record them if you want.

Ooo, where is this option?

There is an option in the advanced settings of satnogs-setup, which enable IQ dumb. This will generate a file for each observation. You can assign also a specific filename in advanced settings.

Just a warning that the files can be go up to 8-10GB depending on different parameters.

OZ7SAT can capture nice IQ files at IF rate, so usually less than 500 MB / pass (around 200 MB for this satellite). It is equipped with a 1 TB disk. Let me know if you need any specific passes. Currently I have a recording for 343769.

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