Observation 300001: ISS (25544)

How do I track who is flagging my passes as ‘successful’? They’re currently without data.

I haven’t done this so assume an admin is. 73 C

Regarding Observation 300001


You can check who vetted an observation by letting your pointer of the tag (good/bad/failed) on the observation page.

According to the vetting rules this is a good observation.

PS I vetted this one :wink:

EDIT Vetting can be done by anyone for any observation, it’s not limited to admins.
EDIT2 I’m going later manually (semi automatically in reality) to upload data on SSTV observations.

I had a feeling it was you Fredy :wink:

So what’s the process for the SSTV images?

From your message it sounds like they’re not locally decoded.

73s, Chris

Edit1: When is ‘later’?

I have written some scripts and made some changes in qsstv decoder, so I download all the sstv observations audios and then passing them through the changed qsstv decoder. This results to png images with the right name and timestamp.

Then I upload all these decoded images into the observations… depending on the volume of the observations these could take from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

Later is in a couple of hours :slight_smile:

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