Observation 298159: FOX-1D (43137)

Regarding Observation 298159 … same problem as with other FOX sats, no DUV decoded, but lots of FM voice from ham radio stations.

Good or bad?

Did you try to decode it with FoxTelem?

It can yield better results.
Personnally, I would vet as good as the DUV signal is obviously there.


Yea normally I can get my station to sometimes get 1 or 2 packets of data while FOXTelem will get like 10 or so. Really annoying and I hope someday someone (As I don’t fully understand the GR-Satnogs stuff) can get the satnogs demodulator / decoder working better

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Well, you know: We’re on it :wink:

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thanks guys. Just installed FOX-term and will see what I can see… hi

FOX-1D seems to have an issue in gr-satnogs. We can approximately decode 85 to 90 % of the frames FoxTelem decodes.

Not that bad…

Tried FOXTelem and no decode.

The next pass satnogs decoded one frame, while FOXTelem decoded several.