Observation 296331: ISS (25544) interference from my amateur radio transmitter

Regarding Observation 296331

Appears that my 20 meter FT8 digital contact is interfering with the ISS FM signal. Will try to remember to stop the transmitter during ISS passes.

I also found this with my 6m FT8 at 10 watts. I have a feeling it could be caused by the junky filtering in the RTL-SDR or the fact that there is like no shielding.

My 20 meter dipole is only 40 feet from the satnogs antennas. After listening to the audio, seems the rtlsdr is being overloaded. I can hear the ISS audio during FT8 transmissions, but is very weak.

The weather has finally cooled and winter is coming fast, so dont know if I can get the satnogs antennas moved before it gets too cold for this old man to move them.

I am running about 15 watts with FT8 into an OCF dipole cut for 40 and 20 meters. Works great with a 4:1 balun at the antenna fed by 20 ft of RG9 with a 1:1 unun connected to 50 ft of RG58 which is connected to the auto-tuner at the radio.

Glad to know that I am not the only person in the world with this problem… hi