Observation 294758: ISS (25544)

Regarding Observation 294758

I believe there is an audio conversation in German by ISS Commander Alexander Gerst in this audio segment captured. There is a lot of static background static noise, I removed some of the noise with Audacity and its noise removal tool to try to clean it up a bit, and German can be heard. As there is only 3 people onboard the ISS currently a Russian and a Woman being the others. I believe this is the ISS Commander having a chat :wink:

If anyone can hear what’s being said in German? If it’s not a private call home etc. Would be interested to know for curiousity sake.

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Helps if I read the other forum posts prior to posting my own. It seems our observation was the " ARISS Contact - Integrierte Gesamtschule Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Osterholz – Scharmbeck, Germany and Gymnasium Soltau, Soltau, Germany, direct via DN3HB and DN5ABG"

Well would you know it!!

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That was indeed Alexander Gerst.

The waterfall plot of your observation shows that you have more than enough sensitivity to demodulate it, but unfortunately there’s a -9kHz frequency offset of your receiver, so the signals are just outside the 8kHz low-pass filter that is applied before storing the audio.

You can correct this by setting the SATNOGS_PPM_ERROR environment variable in satnogs-setup (if you are running a Raspberry Pi). See https://wiki.satnogs.org/Adjusting_the_SatNOGS_Client for more information.

In your case the PPM error is about -62 (-9kHz/145.8MHz).