Observation 235230: ISS (25544)

Regarding Observation 235230

Hey nice peple.

Why is ISS AX.25 decoded in binary and not in readable text?

All data is decoded into the binary / hex data (other en NOAA images) I think it’s to make the system uniform thro out.,

just for fun, the first packet converts to “†¢@@@@¤¦’¦¦áð>ARISS - International Space Station”.

If we drop the header, then the storage for the text should not be a problem.

I think it should be done in order to catch some of the rogue messages .

No it shouldn’t!

Please read corresponding threads, e.g. Data warehouse POC which is pretty active, and see why things are as they are atm :wink:

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I quickly read through it again, also read it a couple days ago. Seemed that a definite decision had not been made.

And, wow! Did not realize that a million frames per day into the db. That is fantastic.