Observation 214001: CAS-4A (42761)

Regarding Observation 214001 ā€¦

This is my very first test observation. It looks good, but my qualification to say so is poor at best. If anyone more knowledgeable would care to comment, I would be happy for the feedback.



Hey @ko2f,

Welcome to SatNOGS!

Yes indeed that is a successful observation. Maybe you can try to change rf gain of your sdr and see if you can get better results, however the current one looks good.

Also make sure you run the latest satnogs client and gr-satnogs, you can update them through ansible by following these instructions.

If you need any help or if you have any other question feel free to reach us here or in our irc/matrix channel.

And this NOAA observation can confirm the good performance of your station.

Thank you Fredy, I am working on the UHF twin to this ground station and hope to have it ready in a few weeks.


Looks good!! Eggbeater? For UHF too? Iā€™d love to see some pics - are these home brew antennas?