Observation 201414: METOP-A (29499)

Regarding Observation 201414


I heared this METOP-A signal the first time a few days ago. Since then I never monitored this freq. Thanks SatNigs ;).

Q: What data included in this signal? At 6:22 you can hear a short data burst. But what content has this burst???

Ok. I found this papers.



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it’s possible to decode this ARGOS-3 message from audio, but only a small POCSAG-free part in the middle:

Downlink ARGOS message (00000BE500846085088895A79143E8DB2374FF1253A3) detected on 09/08/18 10:58:57 UTC
Broadcast identifier: 00000BE
Satellite instrument: 5 (METOP-A)
Broadcast message relative to the satellite orbit parameters
NOAA-18 - Bulletin 01:

  • Equator crossing time: 2 August 2018 22:22:56 (UTC)
  • Longitude of the ascending node: 324.136°
  • Angular separation between two successive ascending nodes: -25.500°
  • Nodal period in minutes: 102.012 mn
  • Semi-major axis in meter: 7226559 m
  • Semi-major axis decay in meter/day: -1.8
  • Inclination: 99.14110°
  • Satellite position: 37.93°N 128.20°E Alt: 848 km (at 8311 Km Az=49° El=?)

With decoder Multimon?

There are a software from COAA called argos plotter but is it free trial for 21 days then you must pay also you can use multipsk 4.33 to decode messages but for more digital mode you need a registered version
I think that a turnstile rhcp antenna is necessar for optimum reception because i have read on Noaa on board instruments that ARGOS antenna is in circular polarization