Observation 199272: ISS (25544) SSTV

Regarding Observation 199272

#ISS #SSTV up again. Today and tomorow.


I scheduled up some just now for us. :smiley:

Last time (June 29 - July 1) we had ISS SSTV decoding in the Data tab but I haven’t seen it since. Was that a manual process perhaps? Of course, we can download the audio and run it through a decoder to see the images, but it is fun to see them just like we can see the weather pics.

EDIT: Now I see the images decoded in the Data tab. Was I missing it before?

I am manually uploading some images decoded with QSSTV…
AFAIK there is no SSTV decoder in SatNOGS.

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Indeed in previous event everything was done manually.

I’ve altered qsstv code in order to automate the process and now I can decode sstv and put the right timestamp on image name. I haven’t uploaded yet the changes on the code somewhere… is in my todo list.

I’m going also to run the script for this event too, probably tomorrow.


I would be interested by your patch :slight_smile:
Part of the process is done, and
I was studying qsstv sources to find a hook.