Observation 19093: UPSat (42716)

Regarding Observation 19093 …

Decoded CW:

Date			Packet	Vmin	Vmax	Amin	Amax	Tmin	Tmax	U-h	U-min	U-max	ContErr		LastErr
2017-10-10 17:49UTC	00NFVZF	No Data	No Data	No Data	No Data	14	16	5	40	44	No Error	-3
2017-10-10 17:53UTC	00MFWZF	No Data	No Data	No Data	No Data	12	14	5	44	48	No Error	-3

kudos to @Zathras UHF station and @Saliyath for adding the observation :slight_smile:


I guess this is a good thing?? :wink:

But question:
Why does it not show on the Data tab?
It was scheduled for FSK9k6, so how is CW decoded then?

It seems that the FSK9k6 signal wasn’t strong enough to be decoded.

CW was decoded manually from the audio and with the help of this document.

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So I have been doing some digging.

According to the COMMS source code on github the battery readings of 0 have two meanings.

For voltage the two reasons are No data OR voltage < 8000 mv
For mA the two reasons are No data OR current < -1000 mA

Also for the last error code for some reason the Source code says F decodes to -4 while that google doc says its -3.
Not sure whats up with that.

It has been clearified that the voltage and current other reasons are technically not possible.

Indeed @KD9KCK your are right.
F corresponds to -4 which is COMMS_STATUS_TIMEOUT. This may not an error, cause COMMS_STATUS_TIMEOUT can be triggered for example by a incoming frame false alarm in the RX.

Okay. Hm welp hopefully the little guy manages to give us a WOD.