Observation 1740922: RadSat-U (99830)

Regarding Observation 1740922

One of the affiliated labs where I work seem to think that the Radsat-u cube-satellite is on 45262, while these cube-satellites just were released last week and the there were 9 objects released, what would be the proper method to adjust the TLE used by the stations connected to the satNOGS automated system.

I think it I will run the 45262 TLE on my research lab’s ground station before going further with this to try and minimize changes to the satNOGS db as much as possible.

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I’ve set RadSat-U to follow 45262 in Network. For changing this in DB we need to have confirmed observations in Network without any doubt that it is this satellite.

@skylart is there any reasoning behind this NORAD ID selection? Like deployment order or any transmission? Also can you confirm that the transmitted signal is GMSK at 19200?


I don’t think there is a concrete reason to pick that NORAD ID quite yet, since most of the objects released last week are still grouped together pretty tightly. I was observing a pass earlier this morning and I think theres only a 60 second variance between the different IDs currently. I’ll post an update when I have more concrete evidence on which NORAD ID correlates to Radsat-u’s orbit.

I see, so it is a random choice. I think that probably during the weekend we will have the first identifications, at least for the satellites that transmit consistently. Just in case you didn’t notice, we track he deployment and write updates on this thread, feel free to add there any information.

Any info on this question: