Observation 172186: SOMP (39134)

Regarding Observation 172186 …looks a bit off frequency and tle timing error

hmm… the TLE was only a day old at best… Are your Lat/Lon/Altitude set correctly? I’ve seen a case where that will cause this same behavior if it is off…

We do need to adjust the frequency on that transmitter though, looks like we need to tune down however both @PE0SAT and @DK3WN report it at 437.504 (where this looks to be below the tuned 437.4995). Here’s a recent observation that shows the CW beacon above where we were (not quite .504 but definitely higher) https://network.satnogs.org/observations/126105/

We need to add a transmitter for the SOMP FSK beacon, only have entries for CW today. Question is, is the FSK on the same frequency? Is that what you captured here? or was it some other satellite completely?

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Hi Corey,

the FSK beacon was and will be never active. SOMP mission was declared as failed long time ago. We hear only the CW beacon in sunlight but there is no other activity …

73 Mike


Thanks Mike!

@jjroux now I’m real curious as to what you have there. :slight_smile:

It looks like GRIFEX and his FSK9k6 transmitter at 437.481 MHz. Both there were at the same area at that time. GRIFEX moving to NW and SOMP moving to NE.

PS thanks to gpredict for its time machine :wink: