Observation 171167: GRIFEX (40379)

Regarding Observation 171167 … yes and it is working! Finally got a decode on a rpi3 instead of rpi2. I have a fully working system. Now to add tracking antennas


So what was the stopping block? What gave you that “a-ha” moment? Let’s capture what the problem was and help other past that barrier.


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I notice his gain is almost at max. That might be part of it.

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Awesome Observation! Now, are you interested in decoding what you received during that observation? Here’s the decoder for GRIFEX (40379):



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Awesome!! You’re killing it!

Have to agree with @KD9KCK - your signals are a bit overdriven on the VHF side of things. UHF looks perfect.

(unfortunately we don’t have per-band gain settings… might be something to add to the client someday but it would require a bit of work to make that happen)


Thanks guys.

My previous observations were always to short on the rpi2. I could see the satellite on the waterfall. Then I started lowering the sample rate (250k min) and focussing on getting CW to be demodulated, but no luck. I got longer observation, but still no decode/demod and then I ordered the rpi3. @DL4PD told me his rpi2 on his development system is working so maybe I did something incorrect, not sure.

The rpi3 installation worked very well just following the wiki. It is important to do the update after the image installation.

My procdure

  1. Burn satnogs rpi image on SD card
  2. Connect rpi3, rtlsdr and antenna and ethernet cable and power
  3. Do rpi update

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get -y upgrade
$ sudo reboot

  1. run

sudo satnogs-setup

  1. setup my GS parameters (I start of with max gain 49.6 under )

  2. Go online and do observations

I lowered gain and will see if i get more success on vhf

Hi Konrad. The file listed in the link will not run with Windows 10. Error: file missing… is this an old file?


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Try installing the visual basic runtime files at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/290887/vbrun60sp6-exe-installs-visual-basic-6-0-sp6-run-time-files