Observation 168896: XW-2E (40909)

Regarding Observation 168896

Interesting… the satellite seems to be transmitting something!


Pretty good for a dead satellite :wink:

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Maybe its coming back to life?

Should be 22 wpm if it is that sat being alive.

But sounds more like its just powering up and down randomly.

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I certainly see something in the middle as well as another signal on the left hand side (-25 KHz) that looks like frequency chirp modulation or something.

Then on the right hand side at +5 and +17 KHz, may be terrestrial. I also think the broadband noise is probably terrestrial.


The GMSK is doing odd stuff too https://network.satnogs.org/observations/169333/

It does have periods where it transmits data:

Perhaps the improvement happens over time.