Observation 156704: KKS-1 (33499) Decoded CW using fldigi

Regarding Observation 156704

I downloaded the .oog file and converted it to a .wav file. Then I used Fldigi in playback mode to decode the Morse Code on this observation. I’m building a Wiki page on how to do this in detail. Please comment.

Here is the link to the page I’m developing…


Hi Konrad,

here is what I get with sox/multimod-ng, after some error & try on the gain

SHY NEU NNNM9/08/2407:<……><.…>:00 609/<.><……>E IT<……>7<….>42:00 <ERR_6> <.…>9/08/2407:42:00 609/08/2407:42:00 609/08/2407:42:00 609/08/2407:4_:075 DI 09/08/2407:42:00 609/08/2407:42:00 609/08/2407:42:00 609/0<_>T<ERR_6><..>V<.><……>I E E WEL<….>X&ETE TMNAK RVR E T E I E E E I E R FN I

I think almost all “E” are spurious being the shortest letter in CW.

May be we could make a common page as the start is almost the same.

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Nice! Now, you can help me write the Wiki article :smiley:

OK … I have modified https://wiki.satnogs.org/Decode_Telemetry_and_Packets so that you can click on the CW on the link and create a new article called SoX_CW. Edit that one with your results above. If SoX can aid and decode other modes, then add them under the SoX subsection… Explain what controls you have over the demodulation.

Then I will run Fldigi on the observation again so that the Fldigi picture will show the decode from this same observation.

Of course, feel free to edit anything you want on the Wiki articles. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, etc. We can make it pretty on a second pass.


I have re-taken the output to Fldigi and saved the resulting screen capture and updated the Fldigi CW section.

I have also started the https://wiki.satnogs.org/SoX_CW article with your message to me. Please tell us how you set up sox to do the decode.