Observation 151221: XW-2D (40907)

Regarding Observation 151221

Uhm… RTLSDR.COM FM bandstop: Signal not there???

Anyone has this filter, too???

May need to up your gain not that it is there

g is 33.8. Before and after the filter.

Without this filter I had the best results. You know my NOAA receiptions… Does the filter eats so much gain???

It could. Should only have a 0.5 db max tho.

33.8 - 0.5 == 33.3 ?!

Hm could have a broken one? But based off this I know what I am not going to buy xD


Anyone else have this filter?

That won’t match! 33.8 dB + 0.5 could, but I bet there’s sth else…