Observation 145031: X-CUBESAT (42707)

Regarding Observation 145031 … Drifting a lot or something wrong with my GS TLE or timing?

oher OBS looks better https://network.satnogs.org/observations/137447/

TLE for this observation were ~16h old. Usually for cubsats this is ok, so I don’t think TLE is the cause of drifting.

It is interesting that waterfall shows ~65s of the observaion, but the duration of the observation is ~9min.

Yes I have seen on my observations, but has not taken action yet in trying to solve this :wink:

I only experienced this sort of thing when trying to use satnogs on a RPi 1 when I had samples overflowing.

Hmm makes me think my Rpi2 is not up for the job. I have a laptop lying around here maybe I must use that for the SATNOGS GS. Thanks chibill

I don’t know about that. Others are using that for stations.

My #190 station in dev is using an RPi2B+ - no problems at all.