Observation 14469: METEOR-M 2 (40069)

Regarding Observation 14469

METEOR M-2 is transmitting on 137.9 MHz, not 137.1 MHz. It would probably be useful to remove 137.1 MHz from the DB to avoid observations being incorrectly scheduled.
If the frequency is changed, then it can be re-added.

Also, it appears that ground station owners don’t have the rights to remove observations (i.e. I can’t remove this incorrect observation and re-add it with the correct frequency). Not sure if this is intentional or not.

Mark VK5QI

We have 2 entries in db for it, one is 137.9 and the other 137.1:

I’ll mark 137.1 inactive.

For deletions I’ve commented the issue below. The hard part with this is that technically an observation can have many payloads from many different ground stations - so then would a ground station operator be able to delete an observation that may contain valid payloads? (we may need to go to the level of being able to delete individual payloads)

Thanks Mark!

I think @vk5qi means a scheduled observation that has not happened yet. Today it is already possible to delete your own scheduled observations.

Ahh ok, could be before or after… Same issue applies, if I schedule an observation that covers 3 ground stations and one of them deletes it today the delete function pulls everything.