Observation 114063: PCSAT (26931)

Regarding Observation 114063

@manawyrm: This observation is good. There’s a signal in it fromthe satellite. Not good in sense of good SNT, but the signal is there. So it’s good.

Oops, sorry.
Yes, listening to the decoded audio it’s quite clear. The waterfall isn’t, probably because I’m using way to much gain. I’ll try to fix this.

In the mean time: I can’t set the state of the observation anymore, I think an admin/moderator has to do that…

I have changed observation status. @manawyrm indeed it is a good idea to experiment with some lower gains. :slight_smile:

Edit: By the way Welcome to SatNOGS! :slight_smile:


With a bit of manual work, the signal is even decodable:

W3ADO-1 seems to be PCSATs failsafe/recovery callsign.
So yeah, that was definitly a good pass (apart from the SNR) :slight_smile:

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